About Me

Hey y’all and welcome to College Girl vs. The World! A blog created to share new experiences and make you and your friends smile!

I am an only child who got tired of the cold Indiana winters and decided to do a daring move and attend college among the BBQ cookin’ and football lovin’ southerners in Alabama. Here I study Metallurgical/Materials Engineering and French and just about anything else I can learn about. When I’m not doing homework or assisting in research I can usually be found hanging out with my friends, ballroom dancing, crocheting, or off in my own little world. That in a nutshell is me!


The whole purpose of college is to learn and expand our horizons as humans and speaking from experience, since starting college in the fall of 2015 I have learned a lot. The best part is that it’s not only about chemistry and calculus but about life itself. And that is how this blog came to be! I wanted to share some of my experiences, passions, and experiments in life in hopes of making you smile a little bit more everyday!



Love & Laughter,


IMG_20150509_234427_978 (2)



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