Quote of the Day! 2/12/16

Hey y’all!

It’s Friday!!!!!!! Hallelujah it’s here! The weekend is here! I say that because I have only one class today at 10am and then I’m done for the day! Unfortunately after that I have to clean our dorm room because it hasn’t been done since the Super Bowl on Sunday, but hey it will no longer be gross so that’s good! For today I found a quote that I absolutely love. I know y’all have heard the saying YOLO at some point in the past two years. A saying popular among people my age, yet a saying that I never really understood, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I found this quote…

We don’t just live once…


And after reading this, it made me realize that I shouldn’t be waiting for something big to happen in my life. I shouldn’t be waiting for that one specific moment to live. I should be going out and enjoying every moment in life no matter how hard, fun, sad, happy, irritating, or otherwise it is. Therefore, the wisdom I try to impart on all of you today, I hope that you go and live this Friday like it’s your last…





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