Cutting it Out! Final Day

Hey Y’all!

I made it through my final day of cutting bread out yesterday! I feel very accomplished! Overall, the experiment I believe was a success and in the process I found out a lot, especially in my experience today when I slightly reintroduced bread into my diet. When I started this self-experiment I decided to keep track of three major things, what I ate, my weight, and my nail growth.

Overall, I did a pretty good job of keeping track of what I ate everyday. For the most part I ended up eating under 1500 calories a day because I was eating food that was so high in protein all the time. There were days when I hit over 100g of protein and I believe I read that the average human should try to strive for around 80g per day.

On the weight front, the only reason I kept track of this was because I am within the range that would be considered healthy for someone of my height (5’10”). When I started last Sunday I weighed myself at 168.5 lbs and when I weighed myself this morning before my workout I weighed 162.5 lbs (a difference of 6 lbs for those like me who don’t feel like doing mental math 🙂 ). So not a drastic change which is good (too much weight loss in a short period of time is definitely not good).

With regards to my nails, they did get longer in the week that I did this. They all grew in pretty evenly (give me a few more days and they’ll be all jagged again, but for now they look good! 🙂 ). Here is a picture of the before and after. The nail down by the cuticle feels a little bit stronger than the nail up by the tip, however, this may not be caused my my weekly change of eating habits.

As for today, my first day able to eat bread again, it’s like a double edged sword. I craved pizza all week last week and when I was able to eat it today, it was sooooooo good. However, any other kind of bread just seemed kinda, meh. I didn’t really want it as bad as I had in the past. I also found out that after I ate my pizza for lunch, that it made my stomach hurt (probably because my stomach hadn’t had it for a week). Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that I probably won’t be eating as much bread as I did before because I now know what it feels like to not be weighed down by it. Also, after going through this experience I found that the pizza I had for lunch today tasted so incredible (even though it was just pizza from the dining hall). Who knows maybe I’ll start making some days where I eat bread, some days where I don’t so I can start to enjoy my food a little bit more.

Overall, it was a successful self-experiment! I thank all of those who were supportive during the process and for following along with me here at College Girl vs. The World!




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